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Infiltrate Consulting

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Infiltrate Consulting is a strategic technology consultancy designed to help its clients harness the power of the Microsoft Power Platform and other Microsoft Cloud technologies. We enable our clients to achieve more through the use of technology. Our focus is always on adding value to customer organisations, and we are passionate about bringing people and technology together for success.


What We Offer

We're not just tech-savvy, we know what it's like to be in the trenches. Our team of experts live and breathe this stuff every day - they have firsthand experience with bringing businesses into the digital age by using cutting edge technology solutions that will help you succeed!

Power Platform CoE

By investing in a Centre of Excellence, businesses can avoid the risks that come with data loss and app duplication. The Power Platform is both easy to use and secure - giving you more time for return on investment focused projects!

Adoption and Success

Power Platform adoption best practices are designed to help you create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organization to succeed with Microsoft's newest advancement in cloud-based computing. Adopt with success!

App Modernisation

Legacy applications are often the backbone of a business. They may have been purchased years ago or built in-house, but it is inevitable that they will eventually stop producing value for your organisation. Should you persevere with these legacy apps?

Project Consultancy

Are you currently running a project? In search of a way to make it more efficient and less complicated? We can provide independent reviews and guidance regardless of who is delivering your project!

Partner Strategy

Partner with us to be at the cutting edge of technology, as a customer's partner. The Power Platform is your new platform for power and we are partners that will always have your back!

Talent Strategy

Recruiting for a Power Platform team is often difficult. We can help you find your ideal candidate every step of the way, from identifying requirements to interviewing applicants!

Why Infiltrate Consulting?

Flexible and Scalable

Infiltrate Consulting can provide expertise on both large and small scale Power Platform projects. We can deliver projects in their entirety or even provide resource augmentation.

Extensive Experiance

Infiltrate Consulting has extensive experience in delivering both Power Platform and Dynamics 365 projects. Working with us puts your projects in safe hands.

Hybrid Resourcing

Infiltrate Consulting can provide both onshore and offshore resources to ensure we can deliver to every budget. Talk to us about how we can most efficiently deliver your projects.


Speak With Our Consultants

Phone Glasgow: (+44) 0141 343 7449
Phone London: (+44) 0204 551 1262

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