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Infiltrate Consulting is a Power Platform focused consultancy that believes that technology should empower everyone. The majority of consultancies that deliver Power Platform only add-on to their core services such as Dynamics, the Power Platform is our core service. Everything else is just an add-on. We believe that the Power Platform can be your core strategic platform for both citizen development and large-scale enterprise applications.

We work with our customers like they are partners because we all have the same vision: to empower you through technology and enable your success.



Our Core Values

our principles for success


Empower those around you by sharing what you know. Give others responsibility and control over their own tools so that they can create for themselves too! Actively engage in your work, even if it is not the most exciting thing at times, to show people how important this job really is. Lead by example and set expectations from day one as a good role model who treats all employees with respect – giving them opportunities to grow into leaders of tomorrow too!


Infiltrate Consulting is committed to solving the most critical problems. The company expects everyone who works with us to do their best to find these crucial issues, and when they find them, solve those first and quickly. When you come to work for Infiltrate, we expect only excellence from each of our employees in every task that needs completion: all because it’s what drives success forward!


Infiltrate Consulting strives to create an environment where people of all backgrounds can thrive. Our multidimensional approach ensures that we make a place for everyone that feels like home, no matter the circumstance or background. This culture fosters creativity in our employees as they have freedom to do their best work without worrying about being judged by what makes them different from others around them.


Deep intellectual honesty to tell it like it is, indirect and straightforward language. Openness to the 1% possibility that current beliefs could be wrong. This means being honest with oneself at all times; no matter what you believe or how firmly held your views are, they need not affect an openness of mind towards other viewpoints, which may contradict one’s own understanding


The world is often a chaotic place. We’re all constantly striving to make it better, and pioneering plays an essential role in this process. Basically, we think outside the box and come up with creative new ideas that improve our lives for years into the future.


Change is always unsettling, but when it’s on the horizon, all eyes turn to leadership. Leadership must embrace new approaches first so they can challenge and motivate their employees accordingly. Change is our friend.


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Phone Glasgow: (+44) 0141 343 7449
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