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TruGreen’s new take on technology—a catalyst for greener lawns and happier customers 

Recently TruGreen, America’s largest lawn care company, partnered with Microsoft to embark on an all-up digital transformation—driving towards a culture of continuous innovation for its customers and associates. In this video, company CIO Ayman Taha talks about providing customers with more proactive and predictive services. Contact Infiltrate Consulting Ltd to learn more. 

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5 Technological Innovations Changing Medical Practice

Thanks to the adoption of cloud technology and groundbreaking solutions, the healthcare industry is primed for increased innovation in the upcoming years. Read this article to learn about the five key areas in which #digitalhealth is enabling providers to drive breakthroughs in healthcare and deliver improved patient experiences.

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6 Strategies to Boost Sales Productivity

Easily seal the deal with the right context about buyer’s preferences and past interactions. With #MSDyn365, now you can! Learn more. #Microsoft #MicrosoftDynamics365 #Office365 #MicrosoftOffice365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Rapid healthcare transformation demands a holistic approach

Modern healthcare organizations must find ways of unifying healthcare data to unlock connectivity and interoperability that can improve the value of care. Read this eBook to learn how some of the industry’s top players are using #MSDyn365 to achieve interoperability and reduce costs, increase revenue, and optimize risk management, leading to improved patient outcomes.

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Wiltshire Council improves services for 470,000 residents with Dynamics 365

In 2017, Wiltshire Council wanted to create a digital platform that made them less reactive and more predictive to their customer’s needs.  Watch this video and contact Infiltrate Consulting Ltd to learn more about how Microsoft  Dynamics 365 helped them streamline their user experience and automate many of their back-office processes,  allowing them  to respond to customer needs faster. 

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Igniting SMB Growth with Exceptional Customer Experiences

Are you looking to grow your bottom line? Watch how implementing the right CRM puts you ahead of the competition—where you belong! Watch now. #Microsoft #MicrosoftDynamics365 #MicrosoftOffice365 #MSDyn365 Sales Professional

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