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Power Platform CoE

The Power Platform is a flexible, customisable platform that can be used to power any business process. To avoid data loss and app duplication while realising excellent ROI, you need to develop a detailed strategy and framework for adoption and governance and create a Center of Excellence (CoE). That is where Infiltrate Consulting can help.

Infiltrate Consulting will help enable your business and empower citizen developers by providing expert guidance on power platform adoption and governance. Providing enterprise-grade Power Platform consulting services that will help your organisation minimise risk and maintain control while accelerating the business value of the Power Platforms.

Let us design and tailor a CoE that is right for your business.


The first step in designing the approach and strategy for adopting the Power Platform is to take a look at your motivations. Why are you interested in this platform? What do you hope it will achieve for your business or organization?


After you've become familiar with your environments and resources, it's an opportune time to think about how best to govern the apps in those places. You might want a little more information from makers or audit specific connectors and app usage.


Discover the adoption of Microsoft's Power Platform in your organization and fully examine all technologies that are currently being used. Don't let the citizen developers get out of control. Keep a watchful eye on all the creativity!


An essential part of establishing a CoE is nurturing your makers and an internal community. You will want to share best practices and templates and onboard new members for this CoE initiative. Drive innovation through collaboration!

Frequently asked questions

If you have Office 365 or Dynamics 365 and have active users, you need a Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE). We have engaged with a number of clients who have lost control of their citizen developers. Don’t let the users run riot drive their innovation and creativity in the right direction from day one!

Let’s not panic; we’re here to help. If you feel like things are out of control and that you’ve lost control over your environments, then don’t worry: our team can analyse everything for you, so it will all get back under control! Whether you are just starting out or there have been hundreds of applications built in the system already – either way, we’ll be on hand with professional assistance.


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