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Project Consultancy

Many IT projects fail because of poor design and planning. Is your project struggling? Going over budget? Exceeding timelines?

At Infiltrate Consulting, we are problem solvers. Let us evaluate your project and guide you back to success. Whether your project is internal or delivered by a partner, we can offer independent guidance and support.

No matter where you are in the project lifecycle, let our experts provide the solutions that you need to bring any project back on track and deliver a problem-solving solution to your business.

Infiltrate Consulting provides project transformation services for managed and outsourced projects. Our experience with client engagements means knowing what works and what doesn't when implementing technology solutions. Our team of experts know business and know delivery. Let us help.

Project Design

Designing your project correctly from the beginning is one of the most important aspects to get right. Our experts have been involved in delivering many projects and have learned from both our failures and successes. Let us guide you to success based on our knowledge and experience.

Success by Design

Success by Design systematically guides an implementation through a series of assessments at critical stages to ensure optimal architecture, security, performance, and user experience for a Dynamics 365 solution. We can guide you through the process for a successful delivery.

Project Review

Have you already completed a project and want to ensure it is as efficient and well designed as it should be? Our experts can undertake a technical review and ensure everything is as it should be. We can review projects that have just been completed, years old or even those still in flight.

Project Rescue

Has your project gone wrong? Is it exceeding timelines and budgets? We can help get you back on track. Our experts can work with your delivery teams to guide them back to success. Work with us, and we can reduce the risk of your project failing. We are always transparent and impartial.

Success by Design

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