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Talent Strategy

Recruitment and retention of top talent is hard enough-why not make it a little easier on yourself by working with Infiltrate Consulting?

We help client companies recruit top talent by understanding needs, developing strategies, and offering various services, including job descriptions and interviewing.

Are you interested in up-skilling internally? Infiltrate Consulting can deliver training to develop top talent from within.

Are you interested in outsourcing but have no place to start? We can help you find the talent you are looking for.


To hire the correct people for the right roles, it is essential to have a clear talent strategy. We are in touch with the Power Platform market and know the best ways to attract, secure and maintain top-class resources.


Are you looking to recruit a Power Platform resource? We can help with everything from defining job specifications, understanding the resource requirements and interviewing. We have experience in hiring top Power Platform resources. Let us hire them for you.

Talent Development

Are you looking to upskill your staff to be able to deliver Power Platform projects? We can tailor education programmes to teach your team the skills they need to succeed. We offer training at all levels, from functional to developer.


We have been working with offshore resources for as long as we can remember and have the experience and expertise to help you find a highly efficient and productive offshore team. An offshore resource is a great way to reduce project costs.

Hire the right people for the right job. We can help!


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