Power Virtual Agents

The AI Virtual Agent revolution is here!

Nowadays, no company can afford to engage in the traditional customer service model. In fact, many companies are already witnessing a decline of up to 20% revenue due simply because they were unable to provide good enough service for their customers and employees who wanted help immediately when needed!

What if you could get rid of that problem? What if, with just one click on your website or mobile application-you could have an experienced chatbot agent respond rapidly at scale without any coding required? Well, now it’s possible, thanks to Power Virtual Agents.

The power of Virtual Agents provides a fast customer service experience. It’s like having an assistant dedicated to one person for 24 hours without any coding required! No more waiting on hold or emailing back and forth while your customers wait patiently.

Create and manage powerful chatbots without the need for code or AI expertise with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Eliminate customer service waiting times

Accurate responses that are tailored to your customers

Improve your customer service strategy with intelligent chatbots

Power Virtual Agents is available as both a standalone web app and as an integrated part of Microsoft Teams. Most of the functionality between the two versions is identical; however, there are different reasons to choose one over another based on how you want to use Power Virtual Agents. For example, you might be looking for a lightweight solution that can work well from any device with no need for downloading anything onto your computer or phone – in which case we recommend using the Web App version instead since it’s fast-loading and doesn’t require installation into your browser separately as some other systems do!


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